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Honda Clarity Fuel Concept Spotlight

Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell Concept is bringing the future out of tomorrow and giving it to drivers, today.

Introduced back in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Clarity Fuel Cell sedan concept is the latest achievement in Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) innovations. Why is the new Clarity Fuel Cell so innovative? The average HFC is a humongous contraption - it’s heavy, it takes up too much space, and its system of converting to electric energy is overly complex. These are just a few roadblocks that keep HFCs off the mainstream market.
The new Clarity Fuel Cell sedan re-imagines HFC standards, building and improving on the average HFC technology to create an elegant sedan that is sleek, yet can carry almost 435 miles worth of H2. Another perk—refilling only takes about three minutes.
The new Clarity is simply a beautiful car. It has been redesigned, losing some of its overly-futuristic styling but still exuding an air of modern power and grace. Inside, it offers a spacious and comfortable cabin with high-tech amenities, like its enormous digital information center.
What will it be like to drive in the future? Drive the Clarity Fuel Cell soon to find out.

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